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How to Lure Men in Giving their Fiances Engagement Ring 

You have been dating the person of your dreams for a long time and now you  want to take it on the next level.

You may not be able to stay as a couple, either of the two has their relationship problems, you do not live as a couple, the feeling of loneliness that comes a lovely day after spending time with each other inspires you to do more and take the relationship on the next level.


For those who have taken their relationship further by just moving on together on the next level. Because of the loneliness that is being felt each time the partner will say good bye, in different forms of pressure and feelings that are setting in there can be the need to make your own love official for the entire world to see or both you would want to have a stable family.


Whatever leads you into finally making the first step to the next commitment so you can make you whole life that might be of high importance but the symbol which you can give is to be able to take the next unexpected level is to provide custom engagement rings. These days in buying an engagement ring has been the status quo of choosing yourself as one of who is now ready in taking for marriage but have you ever played with the rock or band on your hand and think about the story behind it? Since it can be not that specific in the bible or other historical document that gives details of accounts of practices before the marriage in the passing of time. The popular engagement ring of the modern ages has its start in the 19th century, it is not always the symbol of the undying affection, it is more or less the first payment of the brides price to be paid the part of the brides family.


The true meaning and symbol of the Wilson Diamond engagement ring has started in the 19th century, if the men five their fiances the ring it is a bind that certainly shows the never ending love they have for each other.


The earlier rings can be silver or iron without the design or adornment, which the woman inserts in the fourth finger on the left hand, this was the practice for a short time till commercial things and the media has over exposed the engagement ring to the public.To learn more about engagement rings , you can visit out


The advertisement shown on the engagement in the 19th century has been suggested that men should spend less than 2 months of his salary income in to purchase the perfect ring for the bride and just an advertisement and style of the engagement ring have been evolving through time.